Role of Civil Planners in Urban Planing Field

Civil planners are skilled in both urban planning and civil engineering field. Basically they are one who have completed bachelor in Civil Engineering and then completed Masters in Urban Planning or working in planning field for a longer time and gained a lot of experience that urban planning requires.
Civil planners proved to be a good team member in the planning team. Planning is a well-known. multi-disciplinary area where professionals from socio-economic studies, engineering, planning, environmental studies, disaster management and economics work together.
Civil planners help in the research, design, and implementation of city projects and transportation systems. Job tasks can include analyzing city land-use plans or regional transportation systems for usability and economic impact. Civil planners also might establish plan-implementation practices and develop guidelines to address potential issues that might arise.
Civil Planners prove to be of great help in making of the detailed project reports of civic infrastructures like water supply, sewerage, drainage and improvement in the transport infrastructure like bridges, flyovers, bus stand design, mass transit system development etc.

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Civil Planners having completed bachelor's degree in civil engineering will be equipped with a lot of knowledge which will of great help in urban planning, transportation engineering or infrastructure planning. Civil planners will be efficient in statistical modeling, traffic management, transportation systems analysis, behavior analysis, and urban forecasting.
Civil Planners will be good in functions like preparing schedules, working out resource requirements to achieve the planned targets, budgeting etc. which mandates knowledge of quantity survey. Experience in the field of survey, they will be comfortable in planning the activities at site. Civil Planners will be good at costing and estimation for the future projects that are projected in urban planning. They will be good at financial management, risk management, budgeting etc. too.

Civil engineers are responsible for the building of bridges, roads, skyscrapers, canals, dams, and other such big structures. Civil engineering not only creates the environment we live in but improves and protects our lives. Civil engineers are responsible for sustainable energy, in this era of fast depleting fuel and resources, and even the supply of clean water; a world without them would be unimaginable. Having a Civil Planner in team will prove to be of great help as in most of the planning projects, clients ask for Project Management Consultancy work or support for one year wherein we have to guide them in plan implementation. For example, construction of water supply network and water treatment plants under AMRUT can be better taken care by a civil planner.