Reasons to love public school

Public schools are beyond perfect, they have benefits that private schooling doesn’t offer. Nowadays, parents are lamenting about the fees that private schools levy. And also, they desperately want their child to attend. Many parents scrimp and save for years to send their child to the best school. 

Hefty fees don’t mean your child seeking education from a top-notch institute. When you stop considering finances, ambiance, and accountability as a factor, then public school proves to be the best choice for your child’s education. Moreover, many parents who can afford a private institution choose public schools over private for their kids. They say public school is the best option. Here are some interesting facts about public school that will make you look at it with a different perspective:


The local and state district dictates the curriculum to public institutions. Parents who want their children to be held accountable through their test scores must send their children to a public school. These schools have pre-planned series of tests that students of each class must pass for promotion to a new class. You can view the test scores as they are publically available and meet the teachers for any query. The educational program in public schools is far better than public schools because the former follows a strict pattern as directed by the state or local governing authorities. 

Attract the best faculty

When you choose a school for your child, you want them to get educated by the best teachers possible. You want devoted and committed educators who can teach them through their past experiences. In these schools, teachers that are appointed generally have a Ph.D. or master level degree. Public school is not only benefited for students but teachers also, they get higher job satisfaction and salary. On the other hand, teachers in private schools don’t have the same level of education, commitment, and experience. 

Besides, educators at public school offered higher salaries as compared to a private school, which is the reason the former attracts the best teachers in the community. 

Greater diversity

There is no doubt that private school makes plenty of diversity but often remains similar. On the other hand, public schools offer a real-world environment. They believe that their kids will better be prepared as adults. Diversity has a great impact on a student’s performance. Studies have shown that students tend to concentrate better and push themselves beyond their capabilities in a school having a diverse environment. According to a public school review, students who seek education in a public school were offered great seats in universities in comparison to private schools.