How to Write An A High School Essay

If you think that exams are the only nightmare for students, then you need to think again. Ask any student, and you will be surprised to know that besides exams, they also consider essay writing another depressing punch. That’s because you can’t win the essay writing game just by knowing grammar and having a few writing skills. You need storytelling power, good analytical skills and impressive writing tone to come up with an essay that wins your teacher’s heart and good scores. And not everyone has them! That’s why the fear of getting an essay assignment keeps the students fidgeting with anxiety because: you can’t say goodbye to your academic life without writing an essay. So, at a certain point in their academic life, they would have to write it.
If you are a high school student and your worst nightmare has seen the light of the day, in other words, your teacher has assigned you an essay writing task, then don’t worry. We have come up with essay writing tips to accomplish essay like an ace player of the game:

Know About Essay Type:

Check out the title and essay requirements given by your teacher to know about the type of essay you need to write. Though you have to follow the basic type of structure in every essay type, the way you will handle this structure will differ depending on the essay type.
In expository essays, you need to explain the given topic by investigating the facts and figures. A persuasive essay requires you to convince the reader by presenting arguments in favour of your subject. While in descriptive essay you use details to describe the topic. So, depending on the type of your essay, your words selection, pitching tone and presentation will differ.

In-depth Research:

Though you will come up with your own ideas and style while writing an essay, it is better to do some in-depth research. The best way is to look out topic-related general information as much as you can. Once you feel like you have exhausted your topic, go through the jotted information and organize it in the order of writing. Try to build a relationship in them and how one information is going to support and defence the other presented arguments.
The in-depth research and information organization will never let you run out of ideas once you will sit to write the essay. But make sure you look out for reliable and authentic resources to gather information instead of just relying on the first online source you encounter.

Be Concise and Understandable:

Once you are done with the research and organizing the information, it is time to kick start your essay. Your essay should be interesting, impressive, and amazing piece of content. But don’t try to go over the board by using difficult words , complex sentence structure and jargon that even you don’t know. Though you need to cast an impact on the reader. But most importantly your content should be understandable to the reader.
Moreover, don’t stuff your essay with too much information and facts that your reader feels like choking with facts. Even if you researched a lot of information, don’t try to shove everything down the reader’s throat. That’s why you also need good comprehension skills to come up with an informative essay which is also to-the-point.

Edit it Ruthlessly:

One thing that most students miss out during the process of essay writing is to skip editing. Even if you have written a very impressive essay (as per your perception), you might still need editing – a ruthless one. We all are humans, and we sometimes can’t process the editing requirement along with writing the content. So, you should edit your essay with a clear and open mind before presenting it to your teacher.
So, now you know that essay writing is not rocket science. Sticking to some basic rules can help you get out of essay phobia so that you can pass out your high school era without any fear of essay writing.