Various Career Benefits Of Attending International Conferences

Conferences are highly integral to one's professional development. However, these days, with a lot of attention being paid to getting research papers accepted and dealing with the immense stress of having to present a paper, perhaps we have lost sight of what it truly means to attend a conference. If you have been seriously thinking about attending conferences, but are apprehensive about attending because of what you might have heard about such conferences, there are a number of unseen benefits and profound effects that attending an international conference can have on your career. Listed below are the reasons why attending an international conference will put you on the path to success.
Various Career Benefits Of Attending International Conferences

1. Valuable Feedback
Although presenting a paper at an conference can be pretty daunting, task it is highly worthwhile. This is because almost always international conferences are attended by the most successful and prominent individuals in your field from around the globe. Presenting your thoughts and thesis to such individuals is the best exposure you could possibly expect or ask for. This way you will not just be able to present your findings to the greatest minds in your field but also have the opportunity to get them to review your work and share their thoughts. Any advice that you might get from them, be it criticism or praise, is something crucial to learn from. These inputs from the stalwarts of your field will not only encourage you to better and work harder but also help you wade through roadblocks that you might have come across in your work.
 2. Acquaint Yourself with Peers
Perhaps one of the most important benefits of attending an international conference is the chance to meet your peers. Getting acquainted with like-minded people who are in the same boat as you, will help you immensely. These people are highly likely to know something crucial that you have absolutely no idea about. You are also equally likely to know something that they don't. Such sharing of intelligence will not only help the both of you grow more individually but also strengthens bonds with your peers - something that is crucial to success in any field. Once you have established a wide network of peers and friends in the same field as you, it is always easy to acquire hard-to-find resources and information that is vital to your work and career.

3. Get Up-To-Date
 If you want to stay abreast of everything that is happening in your field - the latest findings, new tools, etc, then you are better off attending an international conference. A lot of companies use international conferences to showcase their latest products, tools, and services. Visiting these booths/stalls, and talking to the representatives of the various companies there, will help you gather some crucial intelligence about how you can improve your work process and make it quicker as well as more effective. You could also check out presentations of the more experienced and reputable members of your field, giving you an idea of what they are working on, their level of expertise, and the advances made in your field.
 4. Get Used To Being In The Spotlight
 If you are someone who considers yourself to be shy and is quite apprehensive about public speaking, then there is no better antidote for your shyness than to present a paper at an international conference. Although this might seem daunting at first, you will slowly begin to get acclimatized to all the attention and focus that is being placed on you. Practicing your speech and rehearsing your presentation will help you a lot. Practicing helps you nail the details, such as the speed at which you talk, where you look while speaking, in what order your slides progress, the manner in which you speak and gesture, etc. The best way to seal things off would be an interactive Q and A session with your audience. This will help you get acquainted with the audience instead of being intimidated by them.
 5. The Chance To Travel and Experience New Things
One of the greatest things about attending an international conference is the opportunity to travel to new places, try new things and indulge in fun activities that you will remember for a lifetime. Despite most conferences beings work events which are rather serious, it is important to relax during your time off and take in the sights. Travel around the location of the conference. Pay visits to historic landmarks and scenic sights. Experiencing the food, people and activities will help you learn something you couldn't possibly have, without venturing outside and taking a chance.
 6. Meet Your Heroes
 Most people who are regular conference attendees are highly likely to have at least a couple of stories about meeting their heroes. Getting to meet and speak to your hero can do a world of wonders for your work. Being more experienced they could share some valuable insight that could help you in your work or share some words of encouragement or even offer you an opportunity to collaborate with them on their next project! The chance to collaborate with someone who is already a recognized and well-established member of your field will also elevate your own career prospects tremendously.
7. Refine Your Skills and Gain More Clarity
International conferences are where some of the most heated debates take place. Debating is a good way to gather some perspective on different viewpoints. A good spirited debate has always been a reliable source for the developing of ideas and nurturing of thought. The best state of mind to have at an international conference would be a humble and open one. Humility to listen to the opinions of others without any bias, and the openness to agree with someone when they are right.
 8. Spruce Up Your CV
 The fact that you have attended an international conference will stand out in your CV. This is more so if you have happened to deliver a thesis or make a paper presentation. Such things prove to employers that you have a deep-rooted interest in your field. A deep-rooted interest, in turn, implies that you are hardworking and want to grow. No employer in their right mind would hire somebody who doesn't have an interest in their field and whose sole aim out of acquiring a job, is to make a living. Employers are interested in someone who is always hungry to learn and highly ambitious.
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