Why Education Is Important for Getting a Job

Poring over lecture notes the night before an exam may not be an alluring scenario. But doing so will reap benefits in the future that ensure material success and mental fulfillment. Slogging for long hours at the library may not seem much fun now, and the prospect of taking electrical engineering help may be enticing. But when you crack that high-profile job interview, the sense of accomplishment will be on a whole new plane.

Imagine writing off the last check for your student loans – can you feel the relief it will bring? How about that exotic vacation through Europe you had always longed for? Snow-capped mountains and the breathtaking beauty of Interlaken is worth all the long hours you may now have to put in for your studies.

However, employment rates and rising student loan stats do not paint a happy picture for the future generation of professionals in the globe. Take a look at the stats showing the rates of unemployment and student loans all around the globe to get a better idea of what we are trying to say.

And then go through the rest of the post to know why having a formal education is imperative for securing a job that helps you make all your dreams come true.

Stats on unemployment and education loans: how it stands

· The Federal Reserve reports that more than half of college-going young adults had to take student loans for the same. Imagine the payoff amount once they graduate. Without a job, how will they ever repay the loans?

· Forbes reports student loan amounts to be something around $1.56 trillion. The demographics show that students are increasingly falling into debts. And thus the onus lies on them to secure jobs to be able to pay off the loans on time.

· The World Bank reports that the global unemployment rate has reached an all-time low, with no signs of improvement in the near future.

· The Millennials have suffered the greatest impact of student loans, according to The Wall Street Journal with 40% of those between the ages 25 and 37 holding at least a bachelor’s degree.

· The Parliament of Australia also reports that the outstanding amount for the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) stands at $62 billion in 2018-19, a sharp increase from $54 billion in 2016-17.

Education and its importance in getting you a job

Ø Education helps you learn about the ways of learning

Knowing how to gather, learn, and apply knowledge is one of the primary skills you need to acquire to become a successful professional. No matter the career path that you choose, you will continually need to update your knowledge and skills regarding the same. Having a formal education will help you keep things in perspective. Your job may need you to process information, learn about procedures, and apply that knowledge in real-life professional scenarios. Having a formal education will prepare you to train your brain accordingly.

Ø Education teaches you to develop interpersonal skills

Formal schooling lets you interact with people. You can build and refine your communication and negotiation skills through the same. These are two of the essential skills that every successful professional should have. And education will take you a long way in acquiring those. Knowing how to communicate with people and maintain interpersonal relationships will come handy when you have a critical situation at work.

Ø Education shows the perfect way to manage time

When you have assignments to finish, exams to prepare for, and coursework materials to read up on, you will learn a thing or two about prioritizing your tasks as well. Know how to manage time and make the most of it. When you know how to manage time, half of the job of becoming a full-time professional is done. Work-life requires you to have a good idea about how to compartmentalize tasks. When you have good knowledge about managing time, you will find this a cakewalk.

Ø Education lets you pick up crucial universal skills

Apart from the specialization required to complete a task successfully, you will need a set of comprehensive skills to survive your work life as well. Formal education teaches and tests these skills along with aiding you with the right kind of specialized skills. For example, homework , essays teach you language skills while math worksheets cultivate numerical skills. These apart, you can also pick up social etiquette, communication skills, logical reasoning, and a lot more through formal education.

Ø Education enables you to learn from the experience of others

School and college are great places to be acquainted with people who have loads of knowledge to share. From teachers and professors to peers, everyone carries a world of their own within them. Apart from the consolidated ideas that you glean from textbooks, course materials, and formulae, you can also gain a better understanding of the world through the experiences of those around you. An all-around academic experience is thus crucial for picking up real-world lessons.

Ø Education is imperative in high-skilled job roles

Jobs like medicine and engineering require specialized skills. And with increased competition in every sphere of work, education is becoming one of the most important factors if you want high-profile jobs. Tertiary professions in major fields like science, medicine, law and engineering also recruit graduates or diploma-holders of the respective disciplines and specializations. Hence, in addition to a basic bachelor’s degree or diploma, you must also have specialized degrees such as post-graduate or doctorate degrees.

Parting words

Irrespective of your professional interest, a passion for education will only drive you forward in life. Be it paying off your student debts or supporting your family, getting a job is the ultimate goal in this world for most youngsters. With millions struggling to find the right fit for employment, you can stand out from the rest with just the kind of education required for the profession of your choice. Having a well-rounded educational background will open doors to greater professional opportunities in life, as this post shows. Make sure you never give up on your pursuit of education, as it will take you to newer heights of professional success. Good luck!

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