“Be a Phoenix: Every Rise has a Fall, and Every Fall has a Rise.”—Professor M.S. Rao, Ph.D.

“I’ve died a thousand deaths, each time reinventing myself brighter, stronger, and purer than before. From the midst of destruction, I became the creator of myself. From the midst of darkness, I became my own source of light.” —Cristen Rodgers

In this post, I will discuss failures and a list of leaders who failed and bounced back from their failures and rose like a Phoenix. Iconic leaders including Abraham Lincoln, Beethoven, Michael Jordan, Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Colonel Sanders, Steven Spielberg, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk bounced back from their failures. They rose like a phoenix inspiring others to dream and achieve big in life. People often look at the success of iconic leaders. They hardly understand the struggles the leaders underwent. The fact is that iconic leaders underwent greater challenges before making it big finally.

Life is the Best Teacher

Life teaches you many lessons, especially from failures. You must learn lessons from your failures and move on with valuable takeaways. Life is not a cakewalk and is filled with peaks and valleys. Don’t get excited when you reach peaks and dejected when you hit valleys. Take successes and failures equally.   

This too Shall Pass

Abraham Lincoln used the phrase, “this too shall pass” before he became the President of the United States. It means troubles are temporary and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is a sunrise after the sunset. There is a silver lining over the dark cloud. This phrase encourages you to be optimistic in your life especially when the odds are stacked against you.  

You cannot avoid mistakes because they are an integral part of your life. When you want to achieve big in your life you are likely to make major mistakes. You can come out of them when you learn lessons and explore alternative ideas to experiment to accomplish your goals and objectives. Hence, don’t worry excessively about the mistakes. Follow your passion. Craft your vision. Work hard, smart and wise. Enjoy the journey to reach your destination successfully.

Failures are lessons in disguise. Treat them as experiments. Convert your weaknesses into strengths. Convert your threats into opportunities. Turn your scars into stars. Lead your life with purpose and meaning. Ensure that there are no regrets in your life. To conclude, every rise has a fall, and every fall has a rise. Life is great.