How to Prepare for the USA Visa Interview for Parents (B1/B2)?―Share if You Care!

“I have a dream of getting a visa, which is a dream that many people have so they can leave their countries to come someplace else, specifically they want to come to the United States.” —Juan Luis Guerra

Here is the procedure to apply and the tips to face the visa interview for parents to the USA. First, identify the authentic agent to assist you with the entire process. You can also do it by yourself if you are acquainted with the process and confident about the procedure. But it is advisable to apply the visa through an authentic agent as he or she is a professional and can provide you the right procedure to apply and the strategy to adopt to come out with flying colors from the interview.

Application Procedure

Apply for the interview slot within the available dates and as per your convenience. Pay the nonrefundable fee of $160 which is valid for a year. You lose the fee if the visa is rejected. However, you can apply again for the visa interview by paying the fee. It is essential to keep adequate funds in your bank account to sponsor the visit. Choose the Consulate office near your location. Ensure that your entire documentation is authentic and complied with as per their guidelines. There are no recommendations for the interview. The entire process is ethical, strict, fair and transparent.   

Visa Interview Checklist and Preparation

Here is a list of documents to carry with you for the visa interview: Appointment letter, DS 160, original passport, your identity card either Aadhar card or voter card. Invitation letter from your child, your child’s letter to the Consulate, employment verification letter, H-1B visa if approved, (It is not required if you are going to attend your child’s convocation ceremony) xerox copy of the passport, and bank statement. You must carry your bank statement and income tax returns for the last three years. Show the relevant documents when asked.  

Your interview is based on your child’s track record in the USA and the documents you have uploaded. Therefore, upload the authentic information and read it before going for the interview. You must go to the Consulate one day before the day of the interview for giving your fingerprints. Therefore, dress neatly and elegantly for both biometric and interview.

During the visa interview, you must respond to the basic questions such as the location of your child, where he or she is working and living, the contact and salary details. You must convince that you will stay for a month and return to your home country. Inform if you have any properties. It indicates that you return to your home country to take care of your assets. Prepare a list of probable interview questions with answers. Practice thoroughly with your friends or relatives.

Visa Interview Tips

Be available one hour before the interview. Your initial impression is critical to your success in the interview. Say ‘Hi’ to the consular officer/visa officer. Demonstrate a positive attitude. Be confident. Emphasize ethics and etiquette. Be truthful and respectful to the officer. Don’t lie with the officer. Listen carefully. If you don’t understand the question, request to repeat or paraphrase the question. Keep your answers to the visa officer short and precise. Don’t avoid the answers. Avoid sharing unnecessary information voluntarily. Avoid arguing with the officer. Don’t beat around the bush. Your answers must align with the uploaded information. Share your enthusiasm to return to your home country after the visit. The interview may last from one minute to ten minutes. If you are successful in the interview, you will be asked to hand over your passport to be stamped. You will be informed about the date to collect your passport personally. You can also give an authorization letter to collect it. There is a format for it and you have to provide the details. If they want to seek any further clarifications, they will send you an email. You must respond to them satisfactorily and visit the Consulate again to get your visa.   

To summarize, a visa interview for parents is easy if you know why you are going, where you are going, where you will be staying and when you will be returning. So prepare thoroughly with your answers for these four basic questions to come out with flying colors. Good luck with your visa interview!