“Sport is a Passion for Players, not a Business.”―Professor M.S. Rao, Ph.D.

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair.” —Nelson Mandela

Political interference in sports is resulting in poor performance in India. At times the selection of sportspersons is based on favoritism and nepotism. Additionally, there is corruption in sports and bribes in the selection process. Such things prevent passionate players from entering into sports. There are instances where the key members of the committee reject the dedicated and competent sportspersons due to ego, gender, and other reasons.  The silver lining over the dark cloud in Indian sports is the inspiring contribution by sportswomen including Mary Kom and P.V. Sindhu. They rose when odds were stacked against them with their consistent performance and became a role model for others. Here are some measures to be taken to encourage talented sportspersons. Hire the selection committee based on their experience with an ethical background. Encourage the sportspersons who are passionate, dedicated, hardworking and raise their bar constantly. Ensure transparency in the selection of players. Check political interference in the selection procedure. Offer financial and non-financial incentives to the winners.   

Career Opportunities in Sports

Sports build both hard and soft skills. Hard skills help the players become competent individually while soft skills help them become competent collectively to win the game. There are innumerable opportunities for sportspersons. Here are some of them. They can have a better lifestyle. They can network with eminent personalities across the industries and the world. They can become celebrities. They can become brand ambassadors and earn money by endorsing brands. They can become coaches in the long run and set up their training academies to encourage budding players. Above all, they can make a difference in society by founding nonprofits and adding value to the communities.   

Sports and Women Empowerment

Sports is no more a man’s domain. With the success of many Indian sportswomen sports have become open to all. Sports empower women to dream and achieve big in their life. It improves their economic status and enhances career opportunities. It serves as a platform to brand themselves. Above all, it helps in achieving gender equality. Hence, encourage sports for women globally.

Remember that sport is a passion for players, not a business. Let hundred incompetent sportspersons enter into the sport but no competent sportsperson be denied the opportunity to enter, excel and bring laurels to the nation. Jai Hind.