9 Office Etiquette Rules Every Person Should Know

You might be surprised at just how rude people can be, and how many people have no idea about etiquette, including office etiquette. It is so important to follow all of the rules of etiquette when you are sharing a workspace with others, and there are many rules to follow. Today we are going to talk about nine of the most important office etiquette rules everyone should know.
  1. Close Your Office Door – If you have an office with a door, and you need to take a personal call, make sure that you close the door. If you do not have a door, find a private space, a lounge area, etc., and keep the call as short as possible. Try to avoid taking or making the call around others who are trying to concentrate on their work.
  2. Don’t Gossip in the Bathroom – The bathroom is where you go to relieve yourself, freshen up, etc. It is not the place to gossip, talk about what you did over the weekend, or hang out with your coworkers. Also, do your part to keep the bathroom clean. You may even want to use cleaning skills as skills to put on a resume.
  3. Be Careful with Food – There are going to be many times when you will have to eat at your desk. Make sure that you bring foods that are not going to make a mess, or that have strong odors. You may love fish, but no one around you is going to love the smell. Also, clean up after yourself when you are eating at your desk.
  4. Don’t be Greedy – If someone brings a home-baked treat into the office, don’t be greedy and take more than your share. Take one piece, and leave the rest for others to enjoy. Also, if you do happen to take the last piece of anything, wash the dish and give it back to the person who brought the treat in.
  5. Don’t Insult Others’ Food Choices – Speaking of food, don’t make fun of what others are eating. Sure, if it smells really bad, you can politely mention this in the hope that they won’t bring it again. But, everyone has their own dietary preferences, and in some cases, certain foods, no matter how unappealing they are to you, are necessary for someone’s diet.
  6. Don’t Wear Perfume – Just because your office isn’t designated as a scent-free workplace, it doesn’t mean that you should be dousing yourself in perfume or other scented products. Remember, what you think smells lovely may wreak havoc on the sinuses of others.
  7. Don’t Steal Others’ Lunches – Here’s another food-related tip. Don’t be a lunch thief. How would you like it if you were waiting for several hours to enjoy a special treat you bought for your lunch, only to find that someone else has already eaten it? If someone else in the office is a lunch thief, you can keep your food safe by keeping it in your office or at your desk in a small cooler bag.
  8. Don’t Block the Elevator Door – If you are at the front of the elevator and someone behind you needs to get out, don’t block the door. Instead, step out, let them exit, and then re-enter. If your boss wants to get on, hold the door for them and let them go inside first.
  9. Don’t Use Social Media – It is never a good idea to use social media while you are at work. In fact, some employers have rules against using it all together, unless you are on a break. Also, don’t use social media as a platform to complain about your job, a co-worker, etc.