Classroom Activities: How to Hold a Classroom Debate

Critical thinking skills are something that all teachers are trying to induce in their students. One of the best ways to bring about the use of critical thinking skills is by holding a classroom debate. Classroom activities like debates also get kids interacting and communicating.

But how do you get started with like classroom activities debates? Today’s centerpiece article on instructs you on how to do just that. Penned by Janelle Cox, herself a seasoned educator based in Upstate New York, the article instructs you on:

  • How to Prepare
  • Grading a Debate
  • Classroom Format
  • And More!

Do you hold classroom debates? What format is your favorite to use? Please share your thoughts!

Classroom Activities: Learning with Audio Books

If you’re looking for a way to boost your students’ reading skills, a terrific way to go about doing that is through using audio books as classroom activities.

Once known as books on tape (or even books on CD), audio books can improve kids’ reading comprehension as well as fluency. By having kids read along with an audio book, they connect words with the sounds they are hearing.

Today on, frequent contributing writer Janelle Cox, herself a seasoned teacher, takes a look at ways to use (and obtain!) audio books in the classroom.

Her teaching strategies for integrating audio books into your classroom include:

    Use Audio Books to Develop Skills
    Make Audio Books a Part of Your Classroom
    And More!

All in all, Janelle notes that audio books can really make a difference with struggling readers, and can help them discover the magic of literature.

Do you use audio books in your classroom? What are some ways that you use them?