Classroom Games: Review of Hungry Minds Study Games, Island Edition

Teachers know that oftentimes, to engage fertile minds, you need a tick or two, and sometimes the best tricks take the form of classroom games.

With that in mind, today on, we take a look at a new set of classroom games designed to teach kids YOUR curriculum in a fun and engaging way!

The Hungry Minds Study Games, Island Edition is a set of four customizable classroom games aimed at kids from kindergarten to 5th grade. It looks and feels a lot like SpongeBob SquarePants, mixed with the playability of Trivial Pursuit or Candy Land.

The Hungry Minds Study Games, Island Edition was tested by our three-kid team of reviewers, all of whom enjoyed the game immensely.

For more information, including ordering information, visit . If you order now using the promo code TeachHubPromo, you’ll receive the set by the holidays AND get a $8 discount (offer is good until Dec. 14)!

Teaching Strategies: Making a Difference

Many teachers are considered inspirational – their teaching strategies are well-honed and they make learning fun, for example. But how can teachers be sure that they are making a difference in the academic lives of their students?

Today on, frequent contributor Janelle Cox takes a look at the ways that can know if they are making a difference or not in the lives of their students.

Some of these ways include:

You are Encouraging
Your Students Can Relate Your Subject Matter to Their Lives
Your Students Ask a lot of Questions

How do you know that your teaching strategies are making a difference in your classroom?