TeachHUB 2.0

Since we launched the TeachHUB resource site for K-12 educators last April, we’ve made a lot of big changes to **hopefully** make TeachHUB as useful, fun and teacher-friendly as possible.
I wanted to let you know about theses changes and ask for your help and advice as we continue trying to make TeachHUB a valuable resource for you and your fellow teachers.
The revamped Teacher Recommendations page should make it a lot easier to find and share you favorite things.
You can now click through tons of the best Teacher sites with a brief description, recommendation from a teacher and a grade.
We’ve also added an on-site Amazon Teacher Store –
That way, you get Amazon’s low prices, but all front-page items are recommended by teachers and the categories will give you much smaller haystacks to find your needles!
  • Grade-level specific
  • Subject-specific
  • Ed Tech
  • Grade-level books
  • Teacher Organization
  • Coaching
Please check it out and send me your recommendations!
  • Discounted Masters programs - we’ve arranged through universities around the country that meet one-night-a-week at local schools,
  • Reduced Price on Pop Culture Lesson Plans – now only $9.95 from $29.95
  • Members-Only Deals Coming Soon: we’re also working with other education companies, authors and websites to get members exclusive deals.
My question to you is: what are you looking for deals on? We’ll track down your favorites and get you a discount. Just ask!
With school and district budgets tightening, teachers have told us they aren’t being allowed to pick their own professional development days, schools won’t pay for it and sometimes, they don’t even have the budget for a sub if you pay for your own workshop.
This means that most professional development is moving to in-school PD, which takes the choice out of your hands and into administrators.
To get your voice heard, recommend topics and speakers to us AND to your administration. We post the top teacher-recommended topics on the Professional Development page. We can also help your principal find the best teacher to tackle that topic.
We’ve still got all the TeachHUB staples –
  • daily featured article
  • latest teacher blogs
  • featured Pop Lesson Plans
  • YouTube video writing prompts
But now you find the latest on the homepage.
Don’t forget to visit these fun, but sometimes forgotten features:
Contests & Giveaways
The new contests and giveaways should be rolled out next week. One hint: you may want to get out your pom-poms and spirit stick!
Please share any recommendations you have in the comments section! Thanks for visiting the site and for your help :)