Classroom Management: Setting a Purpose for Reading

Reading is one of the important benchmarks of education. But the act of reading still needs to have a purpose, and your students need to be aware of that purpose, whether it is finding an answer to a question or to practice reading for fluency.
Today on, frequent contributing writer Janelle Cox, herself a seasoned educator based in Upstate New York, looks at a few ways you can use classroom management to teach your students how to set their own purpose for reading.
Janelle’s classroom management tactics include these specific classroom management prompts to teach purpose:
·       Read until you meet the first character.
·       Close the book once you figure out the problem in the story.
·       Put the book down once you learn about …
She also notes some tactics for teaching students to set a purpose for reading, including tips for before, during, and after the reading assignment.
Janelle sums up her article like this: “Asking your students, as well as teaching them to ask themselves essential questions, is the key to setting a meaningful purpose. This in turn helps the student connect the passage to a much larger context.”
Do you have any classroom management tips for teaching students how to set a purpose for reading? Please share your expertise in the comment section, we would love to hear the ideas that work well in your classroom.