Technology in the Classroom: Ways to Use Video Conferencing

We all know that the days of simply teaching from the textbook or the blackboard are long gone. In today’s classroom, educators have a plethora of bell- and whistle-making devices, from Smartboards to iPads to old-school DVDs and beyond, to use at their will to teach their youngsters just about any subject.

Knowing his, Janelle Cox, a (and TeachHUB Magazine) contributing writer who is also a seasoned educator on the East Coast, illuminates us on the virtues of video conferencing, a concept you may not be familiar with.

In a nutshell, video conferencing uses high-speed Internet technology to allow students and teachers to connect with experts on just about any topic from the confines of their own classrooms. Think about the possibilities: Teachers can now connect with experts on a wide 
array of topics, from space travel to archaeology to advanced math.

You’ll be able to use Janelle’s ideas to connect with other classrooms, conduct distant learning, and more.

Janelle sums up her article thusly: “Video conferencing is a powerful means for giving students unparalleled access to people and place that they have never been to or seen before. While it may seem like it could be a daunting task, once the equipment is set up, and the expert is in place, all you have to do is watch the magic happen.”

What do you think of video conferencing? Does your school have the means to do so? If so, what are some ways that you use video conferencing in your classroom?

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