Classroom Management: What to Include in a School Newsletter

But what do you put in a school newsletter? For newbies, finding, curating, and publishing effective content can be a conundrum.

So today on, frequent contributing writer Janelle Cox, herself a seasoned educator on the East Coast, looks at some items to include in your next class/school newsletter, including:

  • Fun Facts
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Parent Pointers
  • And More!

Janelle sums up her article thusly: “Keeping parents in the know will help prepare parents to support their children. The goal is to provide parents (and students) with monthly information to keep them informed, as well offer them some essential tips and advice.”

What do you add to your monthly school newsletter?

The Passion that Drives: An Israeli School Snapshot’s recent visit to Israel was eye-opening on a lot of levels, and today, we look at the passion we discovered in schools there, in particular at one school that focused on the arts, including drama and music.

Why does the Studio Ankori focus on arts and music? It’s simple: “Arts can teach kids to be innovative and creative,” noted Yehezkel Lazarov, co-founder of Studio Ankori, “to be a means to do something else.”

Have you figured out how to inject a healthy dose of passion into your curriculum? How do you do it effectively?