Planning Your Super Summer Vacation

Today on, the folks at Chalkup dispel the myth that summer vacation is three months of nothing.

In actuality, June, July, and August are the prime times for prepping classrooms, re-energizing, and tweaking curriculum.

Here are some summer vacation ideas aimed at energizing and organizing yourself for the coming school year.

Our ideas include:

  • Build the Digital Resource Library of Your Dreams
  • Create a Space to Connect with Your Colleagues
  • And More!

What do you do over the summer to prepare for the coming year?

Teaching Strategies: Slow Down a Rushing Student

At one time or another, we’ve all had that one student who slams his or her brain into overdrive, works quickly (and sometimes with lots of errors), and turns his or her work well before the rest of the class.

What teaching strategies do you use to combat the rushing student?

Recently on, frequent contributing writer Janelle Cox spelled out some different teaching strategies for slowing down the rushing (and often sloppy) student. Her methods include:

Give Students a “Speeding Ticket”
Just Keep Working
Praise Quality Work
 And More!

Janelle likewise reiterated that educators need to be persistent and consistent with all that they do, including the enforcement of when homework can be turned in.

How do you get your speedy students to slow down? Do you have any teaching strategies that you can share with us?

Top 5 Items Every Teacher Should Have in Their Professional Portfolio

A professional portfolio is a must-have for anyone trying to get a teaching job. Indeed, the items and artifacts you place in your professional portfolio are a great way to show off your accomplishments and experiences in a neat, professional way.

Recently, writer Janelle Cox listed out the five essential items all teachers need to have in their professional portfolios. These items include:

    Teaching Philosophy
    Letters of Recommendation
    And More!

Janelle summarizes her article thusly: “As you gain experience and knowledge as a teacher, you should review your portfolio to add and take away materials. This valuable tool just may be the best way to get a teaching job or advance your career.”