Unconventional Technology in the Classroom Research Sites

Research shows that a majority of people of all age groups gets their news from social media. It’s appalling but true! Sixty percent of people don’t trust traditional news media outlets, so they turn to Facebook and Twitter.

This is also indicative of research. Our traditional places of research – encyclopedias, museums, reference books and the like – are about as outdated as a black-and-white television set. With rabbit ears.

So where should we direct student when they are conducting research? Today on TeachHUB.com, frequent contributing writer Jacqui Murray, who is a seasoned technology teacher in Northern California, takes an in-depth look at eight unconventional websites you can direct your students to.

Jacqui’s sites include:
  • BrainPOP
  • Info Please
  • Zanran
  • And More!

Jacqui sums up her article like this: “Decide which of these eight research tools suit your student group and then collect them into a Box of Links on your class website, Symbaloo account, or Edmodo. Also include more traditional offerings.”

What technology in the classroom websites do you use? Let us know your favorite ones!

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