April Staff Development Days

I am coordinating the organisation of the April Staff Development days. A lot of people have put their hands up to help and we have five working groups.

A couple of decisions to be made:
1. the name for the event - fill out poll.
2. panel following the keynote - fill out poll.

Working Groups
1. Presenters - organise sessions - topics and presenters, keynote, timetabling, information from presenters - abstract of session, reviewing & editing abstracts, objectives, technical and practical equipment requirements.
2. Publicity - brochures, email notices, information for staff, ODT .
3. Technical - data projectors, computers, smart boards, etc, - recording of sessions - audio / video, photos, room booking - location for keynote, breakout rooms, numbers.
4. Website - look and feel, content upkeep (OP website)
5. Administration - ordering equipment, photocopying, printing, expressions of interest, catering - practical equipment for sessions - WB markers, butcher paper, vivid pens etc.