School Uniforms vs. Free Dress Code


School Uniforms vs. Free Dress Code

People debate about many things related to education because this is one of the most important spheres in our life. Thus, one of the hottest debates is about school uniforms. There are two sides – the ones who support the idea and the ones who are against. What side is correct? We’ll try to find out the advantages and disadvantages.

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Advantages of School Uniforms


We all know that school uniforms exist for many long years. They signify the unity of students and show that they belong to a certain community. It’s important in many aspects. Let’s check the advantages:

    Encouragement of discipline;

    Help students resist peer pressure;

    Identification of intruders;

    The diminishment of economic barriers;

    Show where student belong to;

    Improvement of attendance.

Now, we’d like to discuss these pros in greater detail. Oftentimes, students feel offended when their peers can afford more expensive clothes. It creates high social and economic barriers. Children out of poor families don’t commonly interact and make friendships with their peers from rich families. It induces multiple conflicts and negatively results in grades and behavior of students. When all pupils have the same uniform, it makes them equal and potentially helps to overcome possible confrontation.

Besides, students take pride in their school and receive a feeling of the second family. They belong to a certain community. This positively reflects on their discipline and attendance. A uniform can also tell that somebody on the campus doesn’t belong to the school if he/she doesn’t wear the dress code. Some people also believe that it prevents the creation of gangs inside the school.

Disadvantages of School Uniforms


You’ll definitely find many opponents. Many teenagers and even their parents don’t like this idea. Here are their major arguments:

    Violation of freedom of expression;

    A reason for bullying;

    Too expensive for low-income families;

    A problem to implement in public schools.

We’d like to discuss the cons as well. Firstly, many people claim that the implementation of school uniforms violates the right of students to express themselves. They are actually forced to follow under this rule and have no right to wear what they really like. It restricts their freedom and becomes a heavy mental burden. This reason also makes it difficult to implement uniforms in public schools. However, other reasons exist too.

Secondly, pupils who wear uniforms become the targets of bullying. Pupils from other schools, which don’t enforce uniforms, bully their peers. It also negatively reflects on the mental stability of teenagers. They think it’s unfair to wear the uniform and it humiliates their dignity. Consequently, many of them openly rebel against this rule. Consequently, it leads to problems with behavior and induces conflicts between the administration and pupils.

Thirdly, the issue of money steps up. Not all families can afford a special dress code. Families with low income oppose the decision of making them buy what they cannot. As we’ve mentioned in the previous section, many people believe that a certain dress code ruins the barrier between the poor and the rich. If we review this problem from the opposite angle, we’ll see that the problem remains. Many parents think about how to save money and not about the issue of equality.

Drawing the Conclusion


We should draw the final line to understand which side is correct. We believe that the decision strongly depends on your personal viewpoint. If you like the initiative of school uniforms, you’ll definitely support it no matter what arguments the opposite party provides. What to do in this situation?

The administration of the school should reconsider this issue from two opposite angles and consult parents. Many schools, that support the initiative, help the low-income families to make the uniforms affordable. It’s a fair measure and we think that parents shouldn’t oppose. In the meanwhile, we must never forget about the opinion of children. Their thoughts are valuable too and adults should show that. Perhaps parents should find a school, which doesn’t force to wear a certain dress code to overcome possible complications.

At any rate, this issue is arguable. There are no clear solutions but you can find the possible compromises as well. All parties of the process should collaborate and find an acceptable solution.


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