5 Best Online Platforms to prepare for Engineering entrance exams

The entrance exam preparation phase is a very important phase in everyone's life. Students strive day and night, putting all the sweat and blood to excel in these exams. These exams demand commitment, consistency, patience, time, effort, hard work and practice. Once we pass the 10th standard, then a totally different phase of life begins. We have to choose the subjects which we want to study and huge family pressure comes with it. 
Every year about 1 million students sit for the Joint Entrance Exams (JEE) in India. To excel in these exams is really a tough job with such huge competition. Every student wants to succeed in these exams and for the preparation, they join coaching classes. We know that the fees for coaching classes are very high and students who cannot afford such high fees get demotivated. So this article is for every student who wants to excel in engineering entrances. Below are the top 5 platforms available online from which everyone can take benefit and prepare for their exams.

1. Unacademy's JEE Youtube Channel

This channel is a gold mine for the one who finds it and is sufficient for preparation for JEE mains. Physics, Chemistry and Maths, the full syllabus is covered in-depth as per exam requirements. The teachers who teach on this channel are well experienced in their field and properly have covered the syllabus. This channel even got previous year papers solved, quizzes, question solving sessions and a lot more. If a student sincerely prepares with the help of this channel, it will be really helpful for JEE preparation online and from home. 

2. Unacademy App 

This app has courses for many different goals for various entrance exams. For the IIT JEE section, this app can be very fruitful. This app has two sides, one which is free for students and the other one which is more personalized and is paid one. The free platform has lectures, and mock tests, quizzes, scholarship exams. The paid side has all the features that are available on the free platform, we remain in touch with the teachers and many other features are there. The paid side of course is really beneficial if you solely want to rely on this app for your preparation. You can just rely on this app if you take a two-year subscription and prepare for your exams. It has got teachers from Kota and other different parts of the country. With their guidance, one can definitely excel in exams.

3.  Unacademy's Accelerate Youtube Channel

This youtube channel has teachers mostly from Kota. The inorganic chemistry by Piyush Maheshwari Sir is the best course you will ever want if you are struggling in inorganic chemistry. The channel also has NTA Abhyaas app questions solved and explained. Many video lectures are there with a well-organized playlist. So just search the playlist, find your course and start preparing.

4. Physics Wallah - Alakh Pandey

If you want to clear your concepts in Physics and chemistry, this youtube channel is very helpful. Even if you want to prepare for the 11th-12th board exams, this channel will be very helpful. A proper chapter-wise playlist has been prepared so that videos are easier to find. You will get a good idea of the concepts if you study from the Physics Wallah youtube channel.

5. Telegram

After we study concepts from youtube, we need to practice questions. Aptly said, "Practice makes a man perfect".
So from where to practice questions. The books required for preparation for engineering entrance exams are a bit costly and not everyone can afford them. Also, students going for coaching get study material which is very important in preparation. While doing jee preparation online, one can very well take benefit from the telegram app for practice. Telegram has many such groups which provide pdfs of books, study materials, mock tests pdfs. etc which is very important to solve while preparing. 
So download the Telegram app, go to the search bar and search for such groups, you will find a lot of them. You can download those materials and study from them.

The above mentioned are the top 5 platforms from which students can be benefited while preparing for JEE from home. Due to the pandemic, everything has gone online. Coachings are shut from so long and are running online. So, a student can take advantage of such apps and youtube channels and rock their examinations.