5 Reasons why Students perform Plagiarism and how to stop them


Plagiarism is to copy someone else’s work without giving the due credit to the owner and presenting it as your own.

Students these days are found guilty of this false act more often than not. The research papers they are supposed to write themselves often find to be have plagiarism in them 

There can be many reasons of this issue in students but today we are shedding light on top 5 reasons why students choose to commit plagiarism and how we can stop them 

1.  Low confidence 

Low confidence is the reason that is found in most cases with the students. During the course of the study some students don’t pay attention to what is being taught and at the end of it when they are asked to write the paper about it they have no confidence as they have not learnt anything during lectures. 

So in order to fulfil the assignment they turn toward plagiarism as a way out. They cheat the work that is already done by someone and present it as them. So, when the data is finally checked by great quality plagiarism checker the result comes as % of plagiarism present in the content that is totally unacceptable 

How to avoid 

In order to avoid such situation, it is necessary that student pay attention in the class and given regular assignments and if such practice is repeated make sure they know this will have consequences and they must concentrate in class and elevate the confidence and write the paper themselves 

2.  Timelessness

With so much to be done and so little time students resort to find shortcuts such as using plagiarized content as it does the job in very little time. But they don’t realise that the plagiarism checkers are very up to date and use precise algorithms to find which content is unique and which has been copied 

How to avoid 

In order to avoid such situation students must make sure to take the work seriously and divide it accordingly so that they don’t have to face the lack of time issue. Doing little work everyday is better than piling up lots of work till the end. 

3.  Lack of interest 

Some students just have no interest in doing the hard work and research they need to complete the work given by the teachers. They are sloppy and lazy for the matter of fact. They neither worth the work that is being taught nor have any intention to learn anything 

Such students are often seen to cut corners and find ways to slip through the cracks the system has and copy the entire assignment they are assigned by using single else’s work. 

But these days anyone can check plagiarism in the content with the help of Plagiarism detector and it’s made sure to be reported 

How to avoid 

I’m order to avoid this issue students must be counselled regularly on the importance of learning and honestly doing the work they are assigned and never to cheat and present plagiarized content to teacher. It’s very difficult to put such student at right path but none the less it needs to be done 

4.  Seek good grades 

Some students cheat so that they can get good grades without making much effort anyway. They try to cheat the system by submitting work that is been plagiarized.They think by doing that they will not get caught and as they copied an experts work theywill get good grades and get promoted. 

But students must keep in mind that plagiarism checker will surely catch them and as a result they will get harsh results and their reputation will be tarnished

How to avoid 

If students are so keen to have good grades they must work hard on the research and provide their own mind and thoughts on the subject matter so that they can enjoy top position and scores 

5.  By mistake 

Sometimes students don’t realise that using someone else’s work and not giving the proper credit back link can get them into trouble. They do good research and gather great material and write it with their ownabilities but they by mistake skip giving the due credit to the original idea holder from which they got the inspiration 

Here student’s intent is not to cheat it’s a simple mistake that can happen with anyone. Teacher will simply ask you to rectify your mistake and resubmit the assessment. 

How to avoid 

Such silly mistakes can easily be avoided by simply being very careful as the original idea provider needs the credit and has worked hard to inspire a lot of students. Teachers must give the student proper guide lines so that such mistakes can be avoided.