5 Apps that will improve your marks, productivity and mental peace.


Living as a student is tough, specially when there is a chain of exams, expectations, assignments following you. So, there are some apps and their use tips which can actually reduce your exam burden, and improve your marks, productivity and mental peace free of cost. 


 The basic app like Clock is the one which could become your savior from procrastination. If you are a person who finds it hard to concentrate on studies for longer duration, and gets easily distract in between, you can use this technique anytime. Just put the countdown timer on your phone according to your concentration level. For example. you can begin with 20 minutes study session with full concentration, then you can take 2 minutes break and then again go for 20 mins study session. This technique if done regularly would turn into habit, and your brain will eventually fall in habit of studying for longer duration of hour- 2 hours also.  


Living in this advance age means keeping phone around  all the time, even with no message, or notification we keep checking our phones and scrolling around. This habit of looking at phone can be turn into gold, if used for study. There are several Flashcards apps available for free on Play Store and others which can make your revision less boring. Flashcard apps are great as they will help you to practice, revise, recall  your lecture. Cramming of historic dates, any term or definition becomes easier. 


There are wide range of note making apps available online, and indeed note apps are of great use for every student. Apps like 'one note' is a must for every student as it helps in making notes in well organized manner, the feature of colorful sticky notes makes user to collect precise  information before exam and making it easy to revise at last moments. The other benefit of this app is that you can use this from phone as well as from your PC/laptop. 


Task completion  is something a student cannot compromise with, you can pull an all-nighter, but deadline for assignment submission cannot be neglected. Hence, to succeed in assignments and in exams you need to have a proper planning, and for this you need to have to do lists. There is a great amount of satisfaction when you can strike down your completed tasks at the end of the day, it increases your confidence as well as self esteem. Apps like 'TO DO' by Google would help you to manage everyday tasks and also for planning for ahead. 


This might sound funny to some, but writing down your feelings and thoughts yourself at the end of day, will not only provide you clarity for next day but also mental peace with what you have accomplished that day. Maintaining online diary has benefits like  high privacy, access anytime, anywhere.