Cricket: Not Just A Game In India


Cricket: Not Just A Game In India

Why Indians Love Cricket So Much

This is India, here cricket is not just a game, it is much more than that. Living in country as incredible as India where there are lots of festivals to celebrate throughout the year and where there is always excitement and curiosity that what next is going to happen in this colorful and vibrant country.

Here, every day is an occasion and every occasion is taking people one step closure to their family, friends and fellow countrymen. And believe it or not, but after religion and festivals there is something about which Indians are much more passionate and that is none other than Cricket. People love to watch, play, debate, and cherish the Indian Cricket and Indian Cricket Team.

Now, How can we forget about the biggest festival of Cricket in the World that is the Cricket World Cup which started in 1975 where West Indies won it quite comprehensively. And since then it comes every four years to mesmerize us.

At the end of 20th century, Indians became much more passionate towards this game especially after watching the mind-blowing performance of Sachin Tendulkar at Sharjah Stadium against the strong Australian side and his two back to back miraculous centuries.

World Cup After 28 Years-

After winning the 1983 World cup, Indian team was full of confidence, enthusiasm and energy towards the game. But after that we have played for almost 3 decades to win this prestigious title again and finally after a very long wait after roaming for 6 Cricket World Cups and 28 years of hard work, the amazing golden trophy came to visit India in 2011.

Surprisingly, after a very long time, the Team in Blue became the winners of the beautiful and well played Cricket World Cup courtesy of fantabulous teamwork and incredible individual performance by members of Team India.

Now, the whole country is looking forward to 2023 Cricket World Cup and excited to see whether Virat Kohli and his Team going to create a history?