Habits that damages our Brain

 Habits that damages our Brain

 There are 86 billion cells in our brain and we should spend most of the time taking care of it. But, we don't. In fact most of the people don't even think that the brain needs care. Experts have determined that our modern lifestyle is chipping away at our neural pathways, making us less creative, slower and dumb. As excessive sitting during our work makes us hold our breathe as we type on our laptops. This leads to lower oxygen in the body and consequences muddy thinking, fatigue and poor focus.


You don't have to rush to gym or hire a trainer. 20-30 minutes of movement is all you need. And if you think you don't have time, then you are lying to yourself. A simple approach is to walk. From great inventors like Nikola, Tesla, and Charles Darwin to the busiest CEOs like Jobs, Zuckerberg, Jeff Weiner, Jack Dorsey everyone is a fan of walking.

Killer of Concentration

The amount of information we go through on an everyday is surprising. If we don't manage our consumption better, it can easily lead to overwhelm and information loaded. Even a small piece of information can hinder focus. Use tools and processes to minimize the amount of content you consume daily. Try to take short form content and invest that time into reading long form pieces.

Eliminate useless things like social media, news, gossips and other things that have nothing to do with you.

Loud Music

Whether you are doing any task, working out or walking, all of us crave for some nice music. And to immerse ourselves in our favorite melodies, we invariably turn on the volume up.

However, all of us might think before doing this. With the popular use of noise cancelling earphones, you can easily damage your hearing. Even without headphones, beware of being in environments with loud music such as clubs, concerts or studios. Loud music hurts our brain in more ways than we can imagine.


These were some of the habits that are damaging our brain cells. I was too involved in doing these stuffs at some point but after cutting back, I found myself more productive, less moody and much more creative and happier.

Taking care of brain is our responsibility. It won't happen magically.