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Marketing is the process which is never ending as it meets the needs and gives profit.

Companies profit purely depends upon marketing strategy and that needs to clearly done by the markets to move forward.

Understanding management is  based on production, selling and product concept. 

Innovation is critical, but we cannot leave it as optional because we all know its worth. Such kind of innovative ideas play an important role in marketing.

A dynamic relationship connects the stakeholders groups. A smart company creates a high level of satisfaction, which leads to high quality products and services.


Forecasting marketing demand with market expenditure which actually occurs at one level determines the functions of the organization.

Planning helps to design the objectives, the alternative decisions, and the long term good will. It also helps to analyze the future demand and What kind of product is the organization going to launch and forecasting the customers perception.


Marketing communication is which the firms attempt to inform the customers about their products. In this technological environment, advertising is the main element.

Advertising can be done by various modes by print media such as magazines, using broadcast media, network media such as wireless, cable and through electronic media and displaying it.

Now-a-days, the widely used communication mix in marketing is online and social media marketing, Mobile marketing and database marketing.

Digital marketing, is the technique of utilizing internet and technology to achieve the marketing objectives. Customers can reach you at any time by adverting online.

The campaign in advertisement involves the communication as it is digitally involved. Promoting our brands to the next level, Getting needs of the customer, making them feel delight towards the product are also easily achieved in digital marketing.

Widely used digital marketing includes SEO which is the search engine optimization, social medias like Instagram, face book where a lot of people see in terms of posts.

Performing set of actions to get revenue with the web applications really becomes easy when you learn certain skills in marketing.

Tools for digital marketing includes Google analytics, Dropbox, Mail Chimp

MARKETING - how to excel?

In order to excel in the system we need to have certain set of data  which are regularly collected  on information basis about the marketing environment to enrich our field.

Marketing deals with segmentation, targeting and positioning. Segmentation is used for identifying the geographic, demographic, psychographic aspects. Targeting deals with concentrating. Positioning is having strategic advantage which helps to maintain brand image.


social media management
Video making


Online marketing will be cos effective in achieving the objective. Websites, display and electronic mail are the options.

Company must design the website and upload their products and need to commercialize it in the competitive industrial world.

Displaying ads are the important components in the online marketing as they are short which contain the companies information and their websites.

Next comes the Email which allows the marketers to communicate. They must be timely targeted towards the audience.

Social media platforms plays an important role in communication. The widely use platforms are online forums, blog networks and social networks.

Online forums come in all shapes as either they are created by the group of consumers who are under affiliations or with the sponsors.

Blog networks such as Gawker media offers a variety of choices. However, the company now creates an individual blog for their usage and track consumers to endorse about their product.

Social networks such as face book, linked in, twitter also helps to generate posts and videos and helps to maintain the brand identity towards the consumers. They are very effective and new users are also added for the marketers.

Mobile marketing  by the smart phones and tablets makes to customize according to the demographic and consumer behavioral characteristic basis. 

 Mobile marketing is unique because it is a one tied user and virtual is on always which can be carried out anywhere.

The ads preferred must be bright and colorful but not with many colors. Brand make have a logo either in the bottom or at the center. It must only have 50% of the occupancy and avoid complex viewing experience and be comfortable for the viewers.


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