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Tools used in agriculture to protect crops.

 Protection of crops using technology insecticide and pesticide application will help prevent crop losses and increase productivity and yield of crops.

Therefore, many farmers use various technologies like digital tools and powerful imaging devices to increase crop yield and protect them from damage. Some technologies are explained below-

1- Drones-

It is a machine used for spraying and collecting data related to crops over a larger area. They also precisely deliver fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, seeds etc. 

Drones are used in Precision farming. Drones are generally used for improving crop quality, increasing yield and protecting them from damage. Drones also helps in gathering data for Precision farming.

Drones can be used for collecting data in Precision farming for any kind of crop like Rice, Wheat, Cotton, Sugarcane, Cucumber etc.

Image source- Wired
2- Advanced sensors-
Installing ground-mounted sensors leads to overcoming these types of problems at the time of cultivation of crops.

These sensors can measure soil moisture, pressure, stress indicators, temperature etc.

This will help farmers in making a precise decision and help in knowing when and where to add (water, fertilizers, etc.

Image source- Advanced sensors

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