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Vertical farming

 What is Vertical farming?

Vertical farming is also known as Indoor farming or sometimes Urban agriculture as well as Controlled environment agriculture.

How did Vertical farming start?

It was earlier invented by an American geologist Gilbert Ellis Bailey in 1915 and was later modified by Dickson Despommier in 1999, who was a professor of Public and Environment Health at Columbia University.

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Can Vertical farming feed the world?

No, it cannot feed the whole world as it is just in its developing stage and the world’s population is huge and eventually increasing day by day. Vertical farming can feed only a particular range of area or people, also it is expensive and time taking in comparison to the conventional method of farming. So, it is nearly impossible to feed the world by vertical farming.

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Vertical farming is quite a growing trend, a concept that sees the sprawling crop farms of old condensed into much smaller factory like sites where conditions can be optimized and yields significantly increased.

How to do Vertical farming at home?

It is quite easy to start Vertical farming at home as it does not need much space. It can be started in a small space, say a balcony or kitchen or any other closet or basement.

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The requirements are only such, as you should have the ability to control the temperature and to provide artificial light, fertilizer, and water as per requirement. On a vertical farm, lighting, water and temperature can all be optimized to remove climatic risks and enhance production rates.

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