Caste System and Indian Society

No social theory can best describe the India society. We are more of Hippocratic than realistic in our thinking. We want to project India as great nation sanctifying all vices as virtues. I am amazed that Gandhi viewed  caste system as a necessary evil to maintain the balance of social system and Nehru felt corruption necessary as greasing oil for the state engine to run. 
Any idea should not be imbibed for that may be propagated by great people. We must apply our senses to judge any idea as good or bad and then act on them. There are many people who have nothing useful to do and they engage in creating some sort of uproar in public and reap dividend. The best way is to discard their prejudiced ideas straightforward. 
The Indian social system is in a transition state and the system of caste and other discrimination is diluting. 
The measures like reservation based on caste system is going to perpetuate the cast system for few more decades. Why our policy planners and politicians adopt economic basis for allocating reservation or providing subsidized services to minorities? They are reaping bumper harvest after every five years in the name of caste and religion. The unthoughtful corrective measures prove to be more fatal than no action. 
Shashikant Nishant Sharma