Indian Criminal Justice Amendment Act

The recent amendment in the Indian Criminal Justice  Act will go a long way in addressing some of the safety concerns of the women throughout the county. 
The provision of making stalking and snaring crime is a good step. 
But on the other hand, they have left many loopholes the act like making such crimes bailable offence which in turn pave a smooth way for escaping the snares of laws on sheer dint of money and influence in the administrative offices.
The non-responsive attitude of the police will also be made a crime in case they fail to register FIR of the women for any kind of sexual harassment. The medical care centre will also be booked for not admitting and treating the victims of sexual harassment is also a welcome step in the effort towards ensuring fair and just social treatment of victims of sexual violence.
The deputation of women police in every police station will also serve the purpose of ensuring safe and fearless registering of cases of sexual violence.
Still there are many lacuna of the act like no provision of appointing competent official for punishing the unresponsive official of the administration dealing with the justice mechanism. 
The existing police force is yet to be sensitised in dealing with the victims of sexual assaults. Mere acts won’t solve the issue unless and until people get aware of the laws and protective nets of the judicial system and the willingness to strongly and effectively fighting back to attain justice and to teach the errant unforgettable lessons.
Let's take it as a start and hope to see more stringent and deterring acts in future for bring all criminal small or big on same altar of justice.
Shashikant Nishant Sharma