A new Bangalore start-up - Hoovu Fresh


 What is Hoovu Fresh?

This is surprising to know that a Bangalore based floral startup which is initiated by a sister's duo has a turnover of 8Crore per year only through delivering flowers for Puja’s and for other various occasions such as weddings, festivals and many more.

                                                Image source- stumblestudio

So, what do you think is special about this floral start-up? It is because they are using advance technique to enhance the shelf life of flowers in packed medium. 

This is the first company to use this flower packaging machine which will make flower, bacteria and moisture free and will ensures that shelf life of flower is increasing for up to 15 days.

Image source- yourstory

After this, they are also reducing the wastage of flower by 40% to 2-3%. They stock a wide variety of flowers which are zero touch flowers, their business is growing since pandemic days as they are using delivering flowers which are properly sanitized and then packed properly online through Jio mart, and big basket. 

They were also seen raising Rs 10 million in the latest season of Shark tank from Aman Gupta and Peyush Bansal.