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Latest Agricultural Innovations


Latest Agricultural Innovations

Agriculture, as we all are aware that majority of the population is depended on the agricultural sector in India. And thus, it needs to get evolved as new technologies give opportunities and scopes to increase crop production and thus food for the huge population and to fulfill the increasing demand of food.

So, here are some latest innovations in the field of agriculture which are going to help farmers to grow crops easily and will make their work easy-

1-Renewable energy machines like solar sprayers or solar water pumps-

Well, this is a brand-new innovation in the field of agriculture which aims at helping farmers to spray pesticides with the help of this solar sprayer. Also, many solar powered water pumps, inverters and many solar energies operated equipment are developed by Researchers to decrease the use of Diesel and wastage of electricity in rural areas where there is deficiency and for the farmers who cannot afford the high-rate prices of these fuels.

Agri- Vijay, a Pune based Startup came with this idea of Renewable products during the Pandemic and now they are helping farmers in reducing their cost expenditure, more efforts and pollution too.  


2-Crop Sensors-

The next useful and vital tool is the Crop sensor. It is an application of fertilizers for maximizing absorption. The crop sensors can detect how the crop is feeling and decrease the risk of leaching and discharge in ground water. Optical sensors are present in them which help farmers to determine and then evaluate how much fertilizer a plant needs. This technology is also going to help farmers with effective use of chemicals and utilize smart farming.

3-Use of GIS in farming-

Fields are generally location based and, in this case, GIS software becomes a very vital and incredibly useful tool in terms of Precision farming. For the best farming practices, a farmer needs to keep a record of all the climate changes as well as of temperature, precipitation, plant health, crop yield and so on. Thus, this technology helps farmers to map current and future changes regarding these aspects. It also enables the use of GPS based technologies with the smart machineries because of which there is reduction in wastage of time, money, and efforts as now farmers must deal with only those certain areas which needs pesticides or fertilizers and not treat the whole area.

4-Satelite- Derived data-

Conducting real-time field monitoring as well as predicting yield has never been easy with the view of detecting a variety of threats with satellite data in service. There are several sensors which can give images in various spectra which further allow the application of numerous spectral indices. For example- Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) allows the detection of vegetation content, the plant health and number of wilting plants. Next is the Modified Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index (MSAVI)- It is designed to minimize the impact of soil background in the early development stages of plants. Then, the Normalized Difference RedEdge (NDRE) detects Nitrogen availability. And lastly, the Canopy Chlorophyll Content Index (CCCI) which helps in nutrient application.

5- Drones- Data from the Sky

Drones can collect large amounts of data within a limited time and are very easy to use but, despite that fact we also may face challenges when using them on a constant basis as they are not that cheap. Also, when we must monitor a larger area then it is better to consider technology with satellite monitoring. Farmers have an opportunity when it comes to define plant height, crop biomass, the presence of weeds and the water saturation in specific areas of field with high precision with assistance of Drones. They prevent insects by applying insecticides on the hazard areas and reduce direct exposure of farmers to chemicals leading to chemical poisoning. 

6- Mitra

It is a Nashik based startup which aims to improve horticulture farms by improving mechanization and the use of R&D and high-quality farm equipment and newly developed technologies. MITRA- Machines, Information, Technologies, Resources for Agriculture.


Air blast sprayers: It is developed for vegetables and fruits like Grapes, especially for Pomegranates. It helps farmers to spray pesticides or any liquid in short time span, reduces expenditure of manual labor, helps in the growth of crops by adding plant growth hormones, and are less time consuming.


7-Eruvaka Technologies

It is a Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh based organization. Its aim is to accelerate the use of technologies in Aquaculture which will help farmers to measure and control water health.

Eruvaka technologies helps farmers to develop solar-powered floating buoys which measure different water parameters, such as pH range, oxygen levels, temperature, crucial for the growth and survival of aquatic animals. And to monitor aquaculture ponds. After that the collected information is uploaded on the cloud and transmitted through the mobile app to the individual customers or by SMS, internet, or voice call. Farmers can also monitor this equipment remotely like feeders and aerators.


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