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What do you mean by Fear of Failure?


This is a very common aspect in everyone's life which is "the fear of failure", whether you are a student or a business professional or a common man doing your job under any organization.

So, what is the reason behind this? In our day-to-day life we come across several such situation where we feel that we are going to fail in this work or why I took this decision, which is going to make me a failure person, all these thoughts come in our mind. 

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Right? It happens because of many reasons if someone has some past record of some consequences in which he tried and didn’t make it to achieve or be afraid from very starting to fail.

Is it harmful for human health?

Yes, Indeed- As it is related to brain it may be harmful and it is harmful. Various disorders are caused by this problem.

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People have many health issues because of this as anxiety, depression, and many others. And this is one of the causes.

Is this issue curable?

Sometimes yes but it is a long process and time-taking too. Apart from medicines there would be some practices which should have been done time to time for better improvement.

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