You may use the same website or even a mobile app, but your user experience could be different from another, who would be on it at the same time, somewhere else or even very close to you. This could depend on many reasons but still the developers of those websites or apps would be under the impression that there are no issues and nonchalantly carry on. Unknown to them the user would find these issues irritable and leave the site and move on.
5 Application Performance Monitoring Tools for Improving User Experience

This should not be happening to you if it is your website or app, because that would be a very good opportunity lost for interaction with a potential and prospective customer. You could avoid and stop such issues by employing the appropriate application performance monitoring tools.
One issue would be that your website or app would be interacting with different operating systems, browsers, devices at separate locations and speeds probably unknown to you. You may employ local testing for the immense quantum of issues faced but they would not be able to fully identify the different problems that your app would be encountering in relation to user experience. Other types of testing would still not disclose the exact problems adequately.
You would need to know accurately how your users are interacting with your apps, hence before you release any of them you would have some prior information which would be accurate. Getting this information by faking the millions who would come onto your website or use your app would not serve your purpose, because the information that you harness should be useful to you.
In the context we list the following five application performance monitoring tools which would monitor your website or app from the time of production and after, ensuring the right information is forthcoming to you.

#1. Raygun

This tool would give you a great insight of how your software applications are behaving and what user experience they are providing to the many users would come onto your website or app. Whatever your users experience like performance problems, crashes, different types of errors would be specifically focused by it. Raygun would also efficiently group all errors that occur, under one umbrella ensuring you are not overwhelmed by an avalanche of notifications.
This tool would provide you observe page performance breakdowns, to separate and see how the user experience is behaving, which were the user sessions that caused the delayed loading of pages of the mobile apps and a host of other information to correct the issues you would be encountering.

#2. New Relic

This tool would track individual user interactions on your apps with its inherent User Interaction Traces feature which would give you visual timelines of all user activity including in detail how you app would utilize memory, database and the CPU. This would also provide information as to how different links are optimized and to ensure everything is efficiently executed.
You would have a load of information as to how your apps interact with the users, monitor their experiences, seek out any adverse issues that they would encounter specifically before they become major issues and get out of hand. Though this tool may have some inherent issues which would not place it on par with some of the other tools in this category the advantage it has is that it could be coupled with some other tools.
It joins up with Raygun to ensure you get a hybrid sort of problem seeking out tool which would then both together far above the rest of the field. This hybrid would give you a host of insights into detailed user experiences and a multitude of other advantages.

#3. Pingdom

Some apps would do well in certain geographical areas of the world hence if you notice that it is running at snail’s pace in such locations you would to have firsthand information about it and not to be shelved under the carpet. Hence real user monitoring tools would be important to ensure that they are identified with their issues in those specific areas.
The advantage with this tool is that data could be filtered and each area studied individually to enable better targeted action and ensure that levels of performance is above average and the more important users get due preference. It would also specifically alert you when there are issues that need to be attended to urgently. This user friendly tool secures the ability of your many users to engage with you ensuring their ability to engage on your website or app without any obstructions.  

#4. Datadog

Would want to observe all user experiences and other issues in a nutshell without much of a fuss and does it quite well. It also has the ability to integrate with other similar tools easily and with efficiency. These provide which other tools would be unable to match.
This tool could specifically identify bona fide users and what issues they faced trying to engage with your website or app which would enable to see top customers and what issues that they faced too. It could pick up email addresses and compile a user profile, which would also show the user’s negative experiences, and the way they did try to engage with you.
This tool has a specialty which other tools lack and that is it has a wide variety of functions which would give it a slight edge which are also very simple to use. It could also collaborate easily with other tools and is generally compatible for better optimized interaction with the information available together and in easy to use functionality.

#5. AppDynamics

This is a multifaceted tool which would provide the right tools and also end user monitoring to enable better end results that others may not be able to provide. It has some advantages which could ensure better user experience and closer interaction. It has the ability to understand and work within many languages which would support the apps that you would be using to handle and execute you apps.
Collecting data from the various mobile devices and other apps and browsers would be part of what this versatile tool could handle all at the same time. It is generally comfortable with any apps and has the ability to log messages back and log any of the transactions that are taking place.
This would pick up the data that is established and carry out the information to enable better interactions between the user and your operation of the apps.


To have absolutely perfect information is vital if you are to ensure a user friendly platform for your website and apps and that is exactly what these provide and which could be employed to improve your services.


These are old settlements which were planned so that they can be protected from wild animals. In ancient times, water and fire were two protective natural forces which human had leant to use according to their needs. The houses or palaces of chieftains of tribes used to be made of wood. These circular water bodies indicate their locations... As wooden palaces got destroyed by the passes of time. It is Same case with city of ancient PATLIPUTRA which had good urban facilities but most of houses and palaces were built of wood which got destroyed by the passage of time... No ruins of Chandragupta palaces can be found due same reasons...

Evolution of aesthetics, culture and technology in Europe and North America led to development of city planning principle. The cities were becoming more dimly populated pollution was there, the condition of the city was not that good.
            So Ebenese towards came with the idea of garden city.
There are three magnets
¾    Town magnet
Advantages include housing, job opportunities, social life, leisure space and disadvantages pollution, less open space and greenery
¾    Country magnet
In greener, less polluted, has more lacks opportunities proper housing, leisure space.
¾    So the third magnet was designed which widuded both the town and country magnet advantages known as Town and country magnet.
One the concept of Town and country magnet the garden city was developed.
This was designed as the concentric rings with the city garden as the city center.
With maximum population of 32000 people and area of 6000 acres.
It was self sufficient city owned by the people, cooperatingly.
There was everything industries, agricultural areas, housing, markets and war arrange in the rings of the concentric circle.
Public transport was not that requires.
If the population increase the maximum value aq new garden city was created and the two garden cities were connected through railway lines and public transport.
Garden city induded proper green and open spaces, not that high density of population, good environment.
The aesthetics, culture and technology in Europe and North America evolved, new and better ideas came up according to the contemporary condition. The cities were getting beautified as well as more comfortable to live in. And garden city movement is an example of one such evolution.
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Beginning with the Mugal period they had ruled in our country for over 300 years. They were very fond of art and architecture specially Shah Jahan was having good knowledge of the architecture under him only the famous Taj Mahal was built where the workers were called from different places of the world.
            The mughal era had a lot of landscaping, open spaces and greenery. They made bazaars, idgaah for praying outside the main city. They were adapting the new technologies to prepare themselves to fight in the war. During mugal era most of the part of the country came under one rule so there was more development seen, condition of the people were improved.
            During the British period, the colonization was done which lead to the urbanization which future lead to the making of sub webs leading to the setting up of railway line.
            They found the condition here in India very unhealthy so they developed civil lines and army cantonment and barracks on the outskirts.
            They started broadening the roads despite of the higher cost damaging done to the already existing historical buildings.
            The established the railway lines, they created the cantonments and hill station, sewer an drainage systems were created.
            At that time a town planners Edwin Lutyer was called to plan New Delhi. And he created a plan which invalided a lot of green spaces, open spaces proper roads separate industrial, residential. The Connaught place and the Rashtrapati Bhawan was designed by him New Delhi was made into administrative centre.
            During Mughal Period technologies were not that advanced but then too according to the technologies were there the cities were planned accordingly where as during British period more advanced technologies came and a better planning was done at the areal level. So a more organized area developed with a better road network drainage and server system, railway etc.
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Known as the messiah and liberator of Bihar Dalits, Father Dr. Jose Kananaikil is no more. He was 83. He has been ailing from old age sickness for the past five years. The death came at 7.45PM, Friday Jan12. His body was laid to rest in XTTI Cemetery, Digha, Patna, on Sunday, Jan14. A large number of dalit leaders, social activists and leaders paid their last respect to their motivator and guide. Most Rev. William D’ Souza, And Provincial Superior Fr. Jose Vadasserry lead the funeral rites of Fr. Jose Kananaikal in the presence of a large gathering of people.Image result for Dr. Jose Kananaikil

Fr. Jose belonged to the Patna Province of the Jesuit Missionary Society. As a sanyasi, he did not leave behind any natural family, but has driven to sorrow thousands and thousands of Dalits in Bihar, whose lives he empowered through the famous NGO, Bihar Dalit Vikas samiti (BDVS), which he founded in 1992 and directed till 2007. Founded on three basic principles – Dalit identity, Dalit unity, and Dalit development, BDVS was and continues to be an out committed organization for empowerment of Dalits. It was through BDVS that he organized lakhs of Dalits in Bihar, giving them education, self sustenance projects, social and political consciousness as equal citizens of India, enabling them to live with dignity and experience the power of citizenship.

Born in Kerala in 1936, he was educated till senior secondary level in his home district Trichur. Thereafter he felt a call to work in a Chrisitian mission in north India, and so joined the Jesuit Mission in Bihar in 1955. During his general and religious studies in Bihar, he came into close contact with Dalits in rural Bihar and experienced the pangs and pain of being the so-called ‘uncountable’. Thereafter, he decided to dedicate his life exclusively for the liberation and development of Dalits. To fulfill this desire, he chose to study about Dalits. After his ordination to priesthood in 1970, he did his post graduation and doctorate in Sociology from the University of Chicago, USA. He was appointed in 1987 to head the department of Dalits in the Jesuit-run national institute of research and publication, the Indian Social Institute, New Delhi.
While in Delhi, he kept visiting Bihar often and interacted with Dalit youth. Already in 1982, he had prepared a small band of Dalit youth who would work for the development of the Dalit community. Fr. Jose was a great motivator of these youth. His dream of a just society - a society in which the Dalits can live with justice, equality and dignity found immediate resonance in the youth who were feeling oppressed under the caste-ridden, feudal village system in Bihar.
Turning their aspiration for a better future, he started a movement for dalit empowerment following the three fold path of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar – education, organization and struggle. It was to give organizational support to this movement that he founded the BVDS. He motivated the youth to establish grassroots Dalit organizations in Dalit hamlets across many districts in Bihar.
He organized massive Dalit convention called DALIT DIWAS, every year to celebrate Dalit dignity and assertion of their identity. Through these conventions the Dalits voiced publically their urgency to be liberated and to have equal rights and dignity.
He published “Ham Dalit” magazine from Indian Social Institute, New Delhi, to share the voice of Dalits with the general public. He led many campaigns across many districts in Bihar to ‘educate, organize, and struggle’ for dignity, rights and socio-economic development. One such campaign was jati todo, manav jodo’ (break caste humans).
He initiated many mass educational programs in many districts in Bihar to enhance educational attainment of Dalit children. He introduced the concept of thrift and micro-credit among Dalits as a means of economic empowerment. He imparted leadership training to a large number of Dalit youth who would lead the community in the         path           of          socio-economic         empowerment. 
Not only the BDVS family, but also thousands of other Dalits in Bihar have lost a liberator. Indeed, Bihar has lost a leader of social liberation and development. But the fire he triggered in their hearts will continue to goad them to work for a more just and egalitarian Bihar society.


Indus valley civilization had evolved around the Indus river. It includes the Harappan and Mohanjodaro as the prominent cities which lies as the boundary of Afghanistan, Hindustan and Pakistan. These was the one of the oldest civilization.
            The town under their civilization was properly planned and built.
            The houses and the built up were made using bricks and cement and it was really strong as the structures can still be seen in the areas.
            They had a well developed drainage system which was about 5m in height to that it could have been easily cleaned in the case of any kind of blockage.
            Which shows that people at that time were more concerned about their health and hunger. Each and every house had toilets and bathrooms.
            There was a citadel built in the middle of the town for protection purposes.
            They had planned their houses in a design so that it may prevent floodage.
            They were very fond of jewellesies, uterils, toys etc.
            There was a place for city bath where people used to come for bath and it some entry and exit point of water.
            The area at one side was covered by the Himalayas and on the other side by the desert, so it was safe from immersion.
            The Harappan and Mohanjodaro used to trade as scals can be found.
            There was a huge well for the public water supply, there was separate area for gravy.
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Overall the area was properly planned with a good architectural and mathematical knowledge



Symbolic or non-verbal communication is the type of communication done using action, picture, signs, symbols. It is an easy way to make the people understand without the use of any dialect or language. One can communicate using eyes, hands, body language, using drawings to convey the thoughts. Also these may be a case where same sign means different, depending upon the different culture and society.
            For eg:- the red colour always shows that there is same danger, or be alert or stop.
            Different means of non-verbal communication can be used at different situations and times like at same point of time you cannot use your hands so you can empress yourself through different eyes, or may be you can use signage  to communicate.
             This may be a symbol used to convey there is some danger.
            This may be a symbol used for telling that something is good.
                        This shows no smoking.
                        Similarly one can communicate using different symbols and body languages.
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Public figures make aesthetic choices to convey something about who they are lets take an example of the father of our Nation Mahatma Gandhi. He had an idea of swaraj, non-co-operation movement and to convey this idea, to make the idea search and retain inside the hearts and minds of the people he made aesthetic choices like he started wearing Khadi clothes and by using charkha he yielded the yarn which was used to make clothes that he wore. He started living a simple life with no show off. The idea was simple, he wanted to convey and spread his idea and about who he is and his ideologies to the people of India.
            Similarly, one can make aesthetic choices to convey something of who they are, their ideologies. And as people follows the steps of public figures and famous personalities and get inspired by them, the public figures must make some aesthetic choices to spread their ideas that will reach the people more successfully and the process of change can begin.
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Culture is associated with our day to day life. Culture is all about what are ones values, education, laws, clothing, language, ethics, history etc. In our day to day life whatever we do, the choices we make, our behavior tells about our culture. The new things that we adapt according to the changing needs also comes under our culture. From how we greet each other, what we wear, what we eat, what do we the religious values everything can be identified if that is what the artist is trying to come. There is always an idea, always to message behind the making of an art and the art. Something that is copied is not art because it lacks idea and people will hardly like it and it not useful and not conveying a meaning then it does not come under the instrumentation form of aesthetics and if the is not aesthetic not beautiful then it must not be considered as an art.
            So imitation can never result in the form of an ideal art because it will lack value ideas, messages and in that case the artist fails. A good art always comes with message and ideas that the artist wants to convey.
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        i.            Symmetrical balance
When there is a symmetry between the two.
       ii.            Asymmetrical balance
When there is a no symmetry but than too the balance is maintained.
     iii.            Vertical balance.
When the balance is created using heights
     iv.            Horizontal balance
When there is a reflection of a building may be on water.
       v.            Radial balance
When the balance is created radially.
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Romanticism in art is showcasing the human emotions. An art always has some meaning, some idea and in romanticism it deals with the human emotions. Whatever the artist feels is transformed into an art. And by looking at the art one can understand what the artist was going through whether he was happy or sad, energetic or dull.
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Visual art is the art form is which art is shown using the paintings, Sculptures, models  or any other plays acts etc. One can transfer the emotions using any of the medium like painting, models or sculptures etc.
            Where as the performing arts is a part of visual art is which one performs and acts something to showcase the ideas and emotions.
            Through visual art one can show ceremonial or religious celebration, political, social and moral values, one can persuade someone for something.
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As you already got to know from the title of this post, we are going to introduce you to the 5 best MCAT prep books that can help you to pass the exam at your very first approach. If you are yet to collect all your MCAT study materials, we assure, this post is indeed worth reading. So, if you are one of those students looking forward to sitting for the MCAT test, this post is exclusively for you. Let's jump right in!
 Image result for best mcat prep books

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